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Guide For Anti Snoring Aid Tape

Snoring is a common frustration for lots of people. Whether you are keeping yourself awake, waking up with a dry mouth and headache, or experiencing stress in your relationship because your partner cannot sleep, addressing the problem is the logical step. There are lots of different approaches you can take to try and reduce the problem. Some solutions will need to come from your doctor, whereas others you can try at home for yourself. Anti-Snoring tape is one possible solution that many people benefit from, and this Guide for Anti Snoring Aid Tape (Anti Snore Aids) SnorePatch is designed to give you all the information you need to get started and enjoy a quieter night’s sleep.

Anti Snoring Aid Tape - Online Severe Snoring Help

The internet is one of the most valuable resources we have for self-help in any area of life, and snoring is no exception. By using the web, we are able to get helpful information out to you quickly and effectively, and that includes how to apply the anti-snoring tape aid (Anti Snoring Aids). You can easily see how to use the tape and make sure you are getting the best effects, and access a wealth of resources to make sure you take control of your snoring and restore a restful sleep cycle for you and your partner. 

Problems With Snoring

Not all snorers are aware they are noisy sleepers, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t damaging health. It is not just the person you sleep with that suffers. Regular snoring can lead to medical issues, such as waking up daily with a headache or feeling unrefreshed from sleep. You may also find you are tired all the time and prone to falling asleep in the daytime. Snoring can be caused by a severe condition known as sleep apnea, so it needs to be investigated.

Many people ignore snoring because they do not realise how much of an issue it can be. However, a simple sleep clinic assessment where they monitor your sleep will determine if it is just a case of snoring or something more sinister. Sleep apnoea needs a unique device called a CPAP machine that forces air into your lungs via a mask while you sleep to ensure the airway is not collapsing. People with untreated sleep apnea can stop breathing briefly many times a night, and this should not be ignored.

What is SnorePatch?

SnorePatch is a leading snoring aid UK and has been designed to be minimally invasive and yet offers a simple and effective way to reduce or stop the snoring cycle. The biggest problem snorers face is the fact that they tend to be mouth breathers when they are asleep, and of course, this is not something you can monitor. Various solutions have been marketed over the years, including mouth guards and head-to-chin wraps, all of which are uncomfortable and claustrophobic and do not really promote a good setting for sleep. The SnorePatch is a simple and small solution that keeps the mouth gently closed and prevents the snoring cycle.

Why is Mouth Breathing A Problem?

When you sleep with your mouth open, your inhalations and exhalations go through your mouth. Breathing is an automatic process, and if you check yourself during the day, you will find you are breathing through your nose, which is natural and best for you. If you breathe with your mouth open, the airway is restricted, and the back of your throat is what causes the rattle and noise of snoring. It also means you are more likely to wake up with a dry mouth and sore throat.

If you breathe through your nose, it avoids these issues and also traps particles going into your respiratory system, and the nose is the body’s filter for air intake. Also, when you breathe through your nose, the body is able to absorb up to 20% more oxygen. In turn, this means that more nitric oxide is released, and this is a critical part of oxygen delivery and circulation. Breathing through the nose also warms and cleans the air, which is better for the overall functionality of the immune system. Finally, you experience better digestion, fat burning and recovery, as well as a lack of snoring when you breathe through your nose, so you can see why it is so important.

Anti Snoring Aid Tape – How To Apply SnorePatch

Applying SnorePatch is simple and fast, so it will not interrupt your night time routine. The first step for using anti-snoring tape (Anti Snore Mouth Tape) is to make sure your mouth is clean and free from grease. A small amount of make-up remover or toner is a great way to ensure you have nothing around your mouth that will affect the adhesive. It helps to use a mirror for the first few applications so you can see what you are doing, but most people report that after a while, they can pop the patch on without needing to look. Peel the backing strip off and close your mouth naturally.

There may well be a small gap between your lips, but this is not an issue; the important thing is that your chin and tongue are correctly aligned when your mouth is closed. The patch should be placed centrally over the top and bottom lip, effectively gently sealing them into the closed position. This means your mouth can’t fall open when you are asleep and stops the possibility of mouth breathing. In the morning, all you need to do is gently peel the tape off your mouth, taking care to avoid any damage to the skin, and you are ready to face the day.

Precaution For Snoring Tape

Anti-snoring tape aid like SnorePatch is a natural approach to snoring and is not a medical device and therefore does not interact with any other medications you are taking. However, it is worth having a chat with your GP to see if they are happy for you to use it. It should not be used by people who may have issues breathing through their nose and should be avoided if you have had previous surgery on your nose or mouth. If you have a heart condition, breathing problems, asthma, sleep apnea or very low blood pressure, you should not use the anti-snoring tape. This tape should only be used by those over the age of six and not during pregnancy. The adhesive can cause issues for some people, particularly those with acrylic hypersensitivities. Avoid using the SnorePatch if you have taken sleeping tablets or alcohol.

Other Ways to Help

When you are using the SnorePatch, you can increase the effectiveness by combining other natural methods for stopping snoring. You should always sleep on your side rather than on your back as this is the worst position for the airways. If you are prone to rolling back, you could try a bolster pillow to prevent this. Snoring tends to be worse in people who are overweight so trying to lose weight is also a good way to support the use of the anti-snoring tape aid (Anti Snore Mouth Tape). Other factors that can affect snoring are things like alcohol consumption and smoking, so avoiding both of these can really help.

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