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Incredible Tips For Snore Aids UK

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for our health and well-being; however, things do not always go according to plan. Snoring often tops the list of things that keep us awake, and if you sleep with someone who snores, you could be at your wit’s end trying to sleep. Some people who snore are so loud they keep themselves awake and endure night after night of a sleep/wake cycle that can be exhausting. Long-term lack of sleep causes health issues regardless of whether you are the snorer or the partner, so getting it sorted is essential. Thankfully there are some incredible tips for snore aids in the UK, the SnorePatch being our favourite.

Snore Aids UK - What Causes Snoring?

Snoring is the noise made by air vibrating the soft palate and the surrounding tissues in your mouth, nose and throat. As you sleep, the body relaxes, which causes the tissues to spread out and the space around them to narrow. Not everyone snores; some people can be healthy and the perfect weight and still snore. However, generally, you are more likely to snore if you are a smoker, overweight, drinking alcohol or sleeping on your back. It is estimated that around 40% of adults in the UK snore, and many of those have no idea they are a snorer.

Sleep Apnoea is a Concern

Other clues that can help you determine if you might snore, especially if there is no one around to tell you, could do more than help your sleep; they could save your life. Many people who snore have a medical condition called sleep apnea, which, if left untreated, can lead to heart issues later in life. Sleep apnea is when you stop breathing momentarily during the night, multiple times, and unsurprisingly this is not good for you.

People can suffer from this condition and yet have no idea, but if you are always tired, never refreshed, and prone to falling asleep during the day, you have some red flags and should get checked out. A simple sleep study where you are wired up to a monitor that records your heart and breathing activity can diagnose sleep apnea, and if you have it, you will be given a CPAP machine. This device forces a continuous air stream into your airways during the night via a mask. It may not seem ideal, but it is essential as the condition can be fatal if not addressed.

Snore Aid Remedies

You can do many things without medical help to try and relieve the issue of snoring, and these are snore-aid remedies that do not require a prescription. Most are affordable and worth a try, including SnorePatch, a small, discreet tape that helps ensure you breathe through your nose all night. One of the reasons snoring gets worse is that when we relax, the mouth is prone to falling open.

If we inadvertently switch to mouth breathing, the snoring worsens. If you sleep alone, you may not even be aware that you snore, but there are clues. If you wake up with a parched mouth or sore throat and have a regular headache in the mornings, it might be because you are mouth breathing and therefore snoring. Another indicator that you snore at night is needing to get up and use the bathroom during the night. Of course, these symptoms are a little vague and could relate to other conditions, so if trying snore aid remedies doesn’t help, you may want to see your GP.

Using Snore Aids UK

When using snoring aids, the best advice is to do your research. There are some incredible tips for snore aids UK SnorePatch included, if you do a bit of digging. Help tends to come in three categories, lifestyle changes, snore aids UK and medical intervention. The first two are where most people start, and the lifestyle changes are straightforward to incorporate into your life. First, you must ensure you are sleeping on your side, as snoring is worse if you lay on your back.

Next up, if you are overweight, you can try to lose weight, which can often help. Of course, this isn’t easy or a quick fix, but anything will help. It would help if you stopped drinking and smoking while trying to sort it out. Snore aids like the SnorePatch help by ensuring you cannot mouth breathe. The tape seals your lips together so your jaw and tongue and in a neutral sleep position. It is so easy to use that there is no uncomfortable disruption to your sleep, and the snoring will be reduced.

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